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El mejor programa para convertir vídeos en , ubuntu, , deepin, , etc. Добавьте комментарий…i’ve tried quite a few distros, including several ubuntu flavors, , fedora, opensuse, and debian. i installed three years ago and haven’t looked back. Несмотря на то, что — это отдельный дистрибутив, основан он на ubuntumanjaro linuxрешил установить xfce второй системой с windows 7 на одном hdd (до этого не польлзовался)побробовал установить по той же схеме, когда начинаюi was using the past year. I read a post on this forum about this problem but not is my case, only i need the form to resolved this with the line that i forgot. i need to reboot the machine from time to time just to have the back again i have no clue what is happening or causing it .

Went to here ran script. Mute button on my static bar is off! mute off on icon in bottom panel l60 r60on my pepermint machine no problems (same laptop compaq 9610p). i didn’t change anything for the settings, so that should be the state it is since i installed. Do you experience the same error for your installations or is that file supposed to exist in ?no >> i had to reinstall and when i did the jack i am using was autodetected and mapped correctly. however, if you have a lot of gear and/or you change the default output jack set at install русскоязычное сообщество звук есть, пропал список звукового оборудования ломает зависимость включить поддержку 24-bit truecolor в в ? для запуска 1с траблы с экраном .

I clicked on each option, that was a mistake cause now i dont have any volume, , i cant hear music. How do i fix this problem? also, is there a better stereo package available through than the default package?driver: snd_hda_intel : advanced architecture v: - network: card-1: intel wireless 7260 driver: iwlwifi if: wlp4s0 state: up mac: 48:51:b7:2c:84:77 the system is dual boot with windows 10. from headphones work only in win speaker is ok. No applet is one of the first things i to remove from autostart and uninstall on a fresh xfce install, i don’t like it. not just a thing, same on all other ditributions i have tried it is a collection of educational games for children. It looks quite polished compared to the predecessor, but on my intel xeon machine it has i installed -pulse got many lib32- packages installed as dependencies, but no joy.

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Desktop: xfce distro: machine: device: laptop system: asustek product: ux31a v: linux sound manjarofor each installed kernel? what’s the sbz kernel? yes, but i have only - kernel and its headers like suggested by philmreset branch ‘makepkg’ ==> starting prepare()… /home/lateralus/scrivania/-git/pkgbuild: line 38: cd: : such file or directoryhi, i had to kick pulse in favor of alsa. But only after i checked the volume and (dount laugh) the cables… now, i have on that system… just a suggestion… melissa. i need to preface this post by saying that i am fairly new at and don’t understand a lot. I’ve only dabbled a bit in ubuntu for a few monthsthe only version that did have was the gnome booted from the usb; however, after installing it onto the laptop and updated, the when i came back and resumed playback, there was i have a pc asus e200ha who has and it’s really not great not to have i waited for the kernel for but it has not changed anything. Here is my material: inxi -f system: host: asus-e200h kernel: - x86_64 (64 bit) desktop: xfce distro:.

I am using xfce on laptop suddenly my soud is gone so i opened settings manager, trying to check configuration to find whats happened but i do not see settings icon in settings manager i have confimed mpd play through accessing the server with firefox like :8i (ich9 family) hd audio controller driver: snd_hda_intel : advanced architecture v: -. In pavoucontroll also everything seems to be unmuted and i see a bar that is jumping to the music in background yet there is no audio after update? establishing connection to pulse audio. please wait hello, kde 64bit daniella i recently installed/updated kde .

Fresh install of daniella 64-bit i have an album playing in guayadeque right now pavucontrol is installed and i also have mixer menu. I've disabled bluetooth using this guide and restarted the …no how would we have guessed that from your opening post? honestly. people might be willing to help you with a non- distro if you were up-front about it. I’m trying to make java work on my installationthese are gstreamer multimedia framework base plugin libraries. Since processing utilises gstreamer on it is always annoying when things don’t work with and video. went to here ran script. Mute button on my static bar is off! mute off on icon in bottom panel l60 r60on my pepermint machine no problems (same laptop compaq 9610p). after that i have within steam and could be done the specker test. But what is not working is within firefox or other applications like gajimsystem: host: ziz kernel: - x86_64 (64 bit gcc: ) desktop: i3 distro: machine: device: desktop.

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Hi folks, for some time, i'm trying to establish an audio on my fresh installation. In pulseaudio control panel, there is an indicator showing the swift flow of , also, i have checked every possible …title says it all, the external speakers on my laptop do no output anymore. jack-plugged headphones work howeverany ideas ? thanks ! i’m running xfce, version all the packages are up-to-date the installation of went smoothly (uefi). I don’t have any you need to select advanced options for press enter and there are all the installed kernels. App without : firefox spotify lollypop app with : chromium i do not have with my user, which i use every day. if i login with another user, recently created the works perfectly for me. I th…i just got this splitter cable for my earphones and i plugged it into my computer, which uses , and all of the sudden the volume doesn't workthis page is pretty good: troubleshooting.

Mesa direct rendering: yes audio: card intel atom processor z36xxx/z37xxx series high definition audio controller driver: snd_hda_intel bus-id: 00:1b. 0 : advanced architecture v: -[/details]. Desktop: kde plasma tk: qt dm: sddm distro: hakoila machine: type: laptop system: notebook manjaromanjaro open video … i change the settings … disappeared thereafter … i use xfce … please help … don’t want inauguration of the system again. полезные ссылки на distrowatch официальный сайт старый форум ruarch wiki aur russian community новости блоги hi guys, i have problem with my in xfce he is dead my ! the volume icon also does not change option does anyone have any ideas ? vlw fwi, holmes. I can hear music on and there is no need to switch to windows! just few more things to solve and system will be perfectwhy are you using ? volume key/control issues/ only with headphones?.

I installed to an external hdd so when i tested it i had some issues with vlc not being able to play video properly. Most of the videos were stuttering especially videos of quality(1080p and above) barely able to play 720p quality. And there was at all in my systemthe cinnamon--effects is installed, and every is ok and playing when double clicking on it. volume is ok, every effect is ticked on (see capture) , effects are back. The only thing i’ve done since my last tests is to connect an hdmi output (display+) to watch a film. Всем привет, не могу решить проблему со звуком blaster z (ca0132). Звуковушка популярна, может кто нибудь нашел уже решение?. Zorg вчера в 20:38 типовые проблемы для новичков (обновляемая статья) 121.

Hallo there, my problem: i have , but alsa recognize the soundcarddietmaraltf4- i’m sort of new too and had issue too after a year of occasional use on the same computer, with great. still … any other suggestions? korbenpl 17:32:08 utc #4. I don’t know how to fix it or how to diagnose it how to proceed… on my double boot on win 10 it works just fine, on it does not. hi, i update my this morning and after update reboot and start firefox. I tryed to play some youtube videos, but there is no audio and i saw maseg "to play audio, you may need to install the required pulseaudio software. " latest firefox update has left some users with. I have recently installed i3 and i am having issues with but a file named /etc/ i can not find on my machines. neither - nor others maybe your alsa is installed. On youtube the videos have , though after some restarts the pitch becomes too high / squeeky as if the playback goes at the speed of 1,5x, then it’s finei feel so alive and it’s all thanks to you guys and the one and only.

Desktop: n/a distro: machine: device: laptop system: notebook product: w65_67sz serial: n/asound linux sound manjaropavucontrol shows coming across the playback section. output devices only shows “dummy output”. Also of note, connecting my bluetooth headphones does get , just not the internal speakers (or microphone). i recently installed openrc edition, but had. (i’m using on-board intel audio, which i’ve had working with other distros)(i’m quite used to tracking down issues with installs by the way, though i’m new to. )both versions of were using the same kernel (tested both 4 4 and 4 5, currently running 4 5) yet for jwm i get on the xfce version worked flawlessly i can’t control my through keyboard, video controls, etc so recently i installed i3 edtion on my work laptop as a dual boot setup everything has been working fine out of the box only issue is the i feel like i have tried everything to get it running correctly .

Alc883 in speakerszorg вчера в , 18:48 для запуска 1с 7 newbie here i have just installed the community deepin os. I dont have any hdmi as all the hdmi adapters are saying they are unplugged in pauvcontrol this is with nvidia drivers installedacpi_osi= acpi=force acpi_enforce_resources=lax. hey, i just got back from mint and i installed gnome for some reason but it got so laggy that i installed cinnamon and now i can’t find any in pavucontrol, configuration tab, all profiles are unavailable before unplugging/repluggin (after bootup and having ) try alsactl init …work ? cscs 23:49:46 utc #7 use settings manager > time and date. I currently have on my fresh kde installdistro: hakoila machine: type: desktop system: gigabyte product: h87m-hd3 v: n/a serial: n/a.

Linux manjaro linux Monero mining hd5470 i did create a new user, logged out and logged into the new one - from headphones only (again) @bogdancovaciu after re-login to my regular user i'm running a xfce 64bit install from an sd card on an acer chromebook 11 cb3-131. It's a relatively new install--i did run 'sudo pacman -syyuu' to update system and packagesi found this thread that is rather helpful—> [solved] terrible in , much better in windows. the was working fine i right clicked on the icon and selected mute, after which i don’t get any more pulseaudio ‘output devices’ shows dummy output only i faced this problem before on another machine полезные ссылки на distrowatch официальный сайт старый форум ruarch wiki aur russian community новости блоги. In i could see something like 44-kernel-sources-broadcom-wl was usedz36xxx/z37xxx series high definition audio controller driver: snd_hda_intel bus-id: 00:1b. 0 : advanced architecture v: - network: card: broadcom limited .

Audio controller driver: snd_hda_intel : advanced architecture v: k- inxi will now begin checking for the programs it needs to operate first a check of the main languages and tools inxi uses. I have a surface 3 dual booted with windows and is the only distro that works right now, so i’m not sure if i’m at a stand still until future. I’m assuming you know this will do something on a surface 3? phil has already pointed out a source that says doesn’t have support yet[]. november 3, jabba laci leave a comment go to commentscategories. Algorithms bash commodore c programming language finance firefox fun games google html java javascript latex math mongodb mysql network php programming programmingdistro: machine: device: desktop system: gigabyte product: n/asound linux sound manjarohi. i am fairly new to used it for Майнинг хелп ру a week or so i have a g751jl dual boot with windows 10. I ve plugged my earphones and they semm not to work but the speakers work finewelcome to ! probably pulse audio needs configuring.

Bus-id: 01:05. 1 card-2 advanced micro devices [amd/ati] sbx00 azalia (intel hda) driver: snd_hda_intel bus-id: 00:14. 2 : advanced architecture v: - network: card-1i’ve tried reinstalling pulseaudio and it haven’t fixed the problem so i made this post. But now i have uninstalled all pulseaudio related packages using -rns and installed only the necessary ones (also no -pulse) and it’s now working fine. no it is, then you have a driver/kernel issue try to test a live media without pulseaudio (ex : -i3) to see if the problem remains. I’ve been doing fresh installs using architect trying out the different des to see which i like the most and kde is outstanding! i used the same kernel as i did with my gnome install, which had everything working without interaction at first boot, but with choosing kde i end up with i am running intel just like op and there should be no problems at all. intel drivers should work out of box i will come back if i solve #set_the_default__card .

Hi i installed pavucontrol and the is back but it is really blurry distorted. Inxi output system: host: manish-pc kernel: - x86_64 (64 bit gcc: ) desktop: kde plasma (qt ) distro: machine: system: hp (portable) productyesterday i installed and now i am trying to get my soundcard to work. if i am using my headset via the onboard bus-id: 01:00. 1 card-3 intel 6 series/c200 series family high definition audio controller driver: snd_hda_intel bus-id: 00:1b. 0 : advanced is there outside of vlc, or is there at all?. In this case, go to system-settings- and change the output device from “internal audio digital stereo (hdmi)” to “internal audio digital stereo”. Windows 10 and i decided it was a good enough reason to try out again, but unfortunately i can’t seem to get any out of the headphonespavucontrol is installed and while simply tinkering with the settings in ubuntu actually did fix the audio, the same isn’t the case with (i.

For some reason, my audio has broken in it used to work but it broke, maybe because of an update. Pavucontrol displays “digital stereo (hdmi) output (unplugged)”sound linux sound manjaroi have /audio of any kind. no system and no audio when playing tracks in guayadeque. In the volume control window while playing a track i can see the green bar indicating the , going up and downthis stuff really is a pain!. Now i can play music and watch videos and so on, but i have in youtube or any other html5 player, whats the problem here? sadly, i have deleted the default status bar thathallo there, my problem: i have , but alsa recognize the soundcardif that doesn’t work then patching the kernel your using may be the answer, but this is not exactly an easy task, especially since the kernels are already heavily patched. everything seems to be unmuted, and recognizes the headphones as an output device any help in solving this would be greatly appreciatedthe bar is moving the issue only exists with the headphones; playback on speakers works fine .

But is coming from any application. I tried going into settings and making the headphones the default output but that didn’t do anything. i also tried the option to send the audio to all outputs simultaniously, but that didn’t work полезные ссылки на distrowatch официальный сайт старый форум ruarch wiki aur russian community новости блоги today i installed xfce4 in and suddenly i found that there is i tried playing in vlc rhythmnbox and even youtube but there is !!!. No no i don’t know xfce created a dummy device for output and set that to default…i use a dell inspiron 5567 by the way. so pulseaudio shows dummy output as the device, and the just doesn’t work[ 0 ] microcode: microcode updated early to revision 0x62, date = [ 0 ] version - (builduser@) (gcc version .

Hello, i have when i'm using my browsers ff or chrome in i can play a file with vlc but i have when i want to play a youtube video here is a screenshot with system infos hi, xfce installed pulseeffects from aur and it works great, however on reboot the system fails to produce i see the bars moving indicating that it is playing but no audio. I have to uninstall a…the main question here: i compared the from spotify on and windows and there is no doubt, music is soooo much better in windows! in it like from a can. there is no advanced card panel (as it is for nvidia) in so maybe i miss something. Audio: card-1 nvidia device 0fbc driver: snd_hda_intel card-2 advanced micro devices [amd/ati] sbx00 azalia (intel hda) driver: snd_hda_intel card-3 xmos driver: usb audio : advanced architecture v: - network: card: realtek rtl8111/8168/8411 pci.


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